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"For some time now, Tony Robinson has been giving us pastors wonderful guidance for the challenges of pastoral leadership. Tony is a wise, faithful pastoral theologian. His work is always useful, practical and informed by a true pastor's heart. When pastors are listing the voices that challenge and help them in their work, they always mention Tony Robinson."

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Posted June 19, 2017:


Excellent Frank Bruni column on the political/ social climate that not only legitimates hate (from left and right) but, as Michael Gerson points out, makes money on it. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the internet and all it’s attendant functions has had an incendiary effect on our society.


Don’t marry a Republican (or a Democrat). After last week’s shooting at Republican baseball practice there were many calls for unity — of which, I admit, I was skeptical. Sweet but sentimental. This article suggests a new unity won’t be easy as the people of different political parties are more hostile to one another than ever.


This NYT piece on liberals/ progressive Christians in the political arena, got some attention. Personally, I think the idea that we have been disengaged for forty years is ridiculous. What I do think is true, and has been documented, is that the media has disproportionately covered the religiou right and neglected mainstream and liberal churches and their leaders. In addition to “if it bleeds, it leads,” one might say, “if it screams, it leads.” Conservatives tend to scream more while horrifying liberal readers and confirming their prejudices.


No tax increase we don’t love, seems the motto of Seattle. Here Jordan Royer asks the right questions of new and proposed tax increases. He also notes significant recent growth in city hall. At some point, we may wake up and notice that part of what is pricing people out of Seattle are taxes.


“Simple Church” in Massachusetts is one of a growing number of ‘dinner churches.’ Is this an intriguing venture that will have short term appeal, or something more enduring — or is that even the right question? It’s an exciting time for the church, as all sorts of variations and new experiments pop up. Here's an article.


Here’s another of the dinner church model, St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn . There’s a wonderful interview with St. Lydia’s founder and pastor, Emily Scott, in the Christian Century “Podcast for Preachers.” Here’s a link to that.

- Tony Robinson



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