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"For some time now, Tony Robinson has been giving us pastors wonderful guidance for the challenges of pastoral leadership. Tony is a wise, faithful pastoral theologian. His work is always useful, practical and informed by a true pastor's heart. When pastors are listing the voices that challenge and help them in their work, they always mention Tony Robinson."

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Posted July 17, 2017:


Running rivers. In June we did a four-day trip on the Snake. Last week I was at the helm as three of us went down the Grande Ronde. Beautiful two-day trip on “a wild and scenic river” (which means no buildings, roads, settlements or motorized boats). The biggest rapids were class III, so exciting but not as challenging as the class IV’s on the Snake. I love the challenge of manuvering a boat among the rocks and rapids. Actually prefer that to having guides, but there’s a time and place for each.


Another summer reading suggestion. “Born A Criminal: Stories of a South African Childhood” by Trevor Noah is sensational. We listened to it on Audible on the drive back to the Wallowa’s last week. Noah is himself the reader/ performer and is great. He hosts “The Daily Show” as Jon Stewart’s successor.


This was the 30th year for the “Fishtrap Writer’s Gathering” at Wallowa Lake. We went several evenings to hear readings by various members of the teaching faculty, particularly enjoying Luis Alberto Urrea, author of “Into the Beautiful North,” “The Devil’s Highway,” and “Nobody’s Son,” among others. Urrea is a great storyteller with a sense of life’s magic amid its tragedy and strangeness. Recommended. Here's a link.


Trump doesn’t care about the working class, but if you do here’s a good report from the Brookings Institution and Carol Graham. I’ve read that J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” (on that same working class) is considering politics. If so, it will be interesting to see how he positions himself vis a vis Trump, the faux populist.


Will he or won’t he? That is, will Eugene Peterson perform a gay marriage or not? One day he said, “yes,” rocking the evangelical world. The next day, the popular author and creator of “The Message” paraphrase/ version of the Bible, said “no.” Between yes and no, there was quite a backlash from conservatives, including threats from evangelical book distributors to boycott Peterson. One would like to think that Peterson’s on-again/ off-again reflects the toughness of the issue, not the boycott threat. Or maybe it’s just that the guy is 86 and not thinking totally clearly. Here's a link.

- Tony Robinson



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