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"For some time now, Tony Robinson has been giving us pastors wonderful guidance for the challenges of pastoral leadership. Tony is a wise, faithful pastoral theologian. His work is always useful, practical and informed by a true pastor's heart. When pastors are listing the voices that challenge and help them in their work, they always mention Tony Robinson."

William H. Willimon
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Posted May 22, 2017:


I’m off to the Wallowas this week to open up our cabin, and do the spring clean up, fix up. As in Seattle, it’s been a wet and cold spring in the Wallowas, so it will be chilly there at least at night; predictions are for sunny and warm in the day. I’ll enjoy building fires in the old fireplace. Word has it that the snowpack in the mountains is huge. Lot’s of water for fish and river rafters! We’re doing a raft trip on the Snake in June.


Ross Douthat calls for Trump’s removal. Remember Douthat is a “conservative.” Impeachment is not the route Douthat recommends, but the 25th amendment’s removal for incompetence. Something seems to have shifted this week in terms of patience running out with Trump. Will that shift be sustained? Will we have to wait until there is some genuine disaster resulting from Trump’s incompetence?


James Comey, a fan of Reinhold Niebuhr (as was President Obama). Niebuhr is certainly the theologian who has influenced more presidents and politicians than any other in the last 75 years. Here's a link.


Excellent Religious News Service interview with Fleming Rutledge about her book “Understanding the Crucifixion.” It is a great and a challenging book which I hope is being read among mainliners as widely as it is among Catholics, evangelicals and neo-Calvinists.


The Internet empowering women theological. We hear a lot about the problems spawned by new tech, here’s a story about creating new possibilities for, in this case, evangelical women. Long marginalized in conservative churches and denominations, the internet and blogs gives them new platforms, voice, access, audiences and power. Move over boys!


The sense of grievance is the common thread uniting the otherwise odd couple, Donald Trump and Evangelical Christians. They have it and he plays to it, according to Michael Gerson in a piece that is admirable for being historically and theologically informed. For more see this week’s Weekly Meditation, “Aggrieved.”


An Hour for the Ocean is a Seattle Aquarium sponsored service opportunity. I will be leading the Hour for the Ocean Beach Clean-Up at Discovery Park on Saturday June 10, 1 - 3 p.m. in my capacity as a Parks and Rec Seattle Urban Nature Guide. If you’re interested we will meet at the Discovery Park Environmental Learning Center at 1:00. Here’s more info. Join me!

- Tony Robinson



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